Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Butterfly in my garden

My Mom & Dad's grapes

I just came back from visiting my folks in Southern California. They have an amazing grape arbor above the Koi pond. The grapes were so beautiful hanging there in blue, green, and purple abundance, that I rushed to get my camera and took a few pictures of them. Lovely, lush, sweet grapes!

Hot, hot, summer days

It is hot here in the foothills of Northern California. Today it reached 98.2 degrees by 3:30 p.m.; many days it's a great deal warmer. I worry about my garden, my yard, my vegetable and strawberry patch, and my fruit trees. It wakes me up on hot sultry nights, wondering if they need water. Each morning I open the house up and walk outside to inspect the plants -- yes, indeed, they are thirsty. I'm a slave to my roses, flowers, shrubs, and trees. So, I pull out the hose, turn on the nice cool water and appreciate how beautiful the droplets of water look on the Agapanthus, hydrangea, dahlias, canna, and roses. I bask in their appreciation for my tender care and thank the Good Lord that I have such a lovely life.