Friday, January 3, 2014

Uriah Heep - a very "umble" person

I first encountered this character, Uriah Heep, in Charles Dickins masterpiece, David Copperfield, and I have never been able to forget him. To say he depicted the most duplicitous, oily, dishonest and slimy character is not an exaggeration. There is a visceral reaction to this person when one first reads of this character -- and, it is not pleasant. So, for me, he was ever placed in my mind as the most villainous person that one could know and certainly, one would not want to ever emulate him.
Now, I come to the present day talking to my dear husband about this and that and expressing discontent that some of the people we had given Christmas presents to had never acknowledged them with a "Thank you" card or even an email. I was going on and on about this, ad nauseum, when something struck my mind -- and a voice said, " You didn't acknowledge some of the gifts that you received either". What?!
Yes, God brought me up short and wrung from me a confession I was unwilling to make -- I, indeed, was being duplicitous, unkind, dishonest, and maybe a little "slimy" myslelf -- in short....just like a "Uriah Heep"!!
What a revelation! What an epiphany! It was all too true -- mea culpa! I was acting just like the one character I truly dispised.
Thank you Lord for letting me see this, giving me the grace to ask Your Forgiveness, and repent of my actions.