Friday, December 26, 2014

How to pray for the Dead

I found this post on pinterest and followed it to the original posting. It was so good, that I had to share it and keep it for myself as a reminder of what I can do for the poor souls in purgatory.(

Those in purgatory cannot pray for themselves, this is why they are called “poor” souls. They can no longer merit anything for themselves and rely entirely on others to pray and make sacrifices on their behalf. As they are nevertheless part of the communion of saints, they depend upon us to help ease their suffering and quickly advance them through their purification so that they can join the saints in heaven.

Prayers for the faithful departed pleases God, who makes use of our prayers to help purify these souls that He loves. It is an act of charity that we can give for those we have known and loved, for our ancestors who gave us life, for those souls whose memory is lost, and for those who have no one else to pray for them.

Here are some ideas for praying for these suffering (and often neglected) souls, especially during the month of November dedicated to their memory:
1. Pray the Novena to the Holy Souls.
2. Offer up your Holy Communions for the souls in purgatory.
3. Have masses said for the dead.
4. Pray the Way of the Cross for souls in purgatory.
5. Pray the Holy Souls Rosary.
6. Obtain Indulgences.
7. Give alms.
8. Pray The Divine Mercy Chaplet.
9. Prayer of St. Gertrude the Great.
10.Sprinkle Holy Water on the ground.
11.When passing by or visiting a cemetery, pray the eternal rest prayer.
12.Practice the tradition of praying the eternal rest prayer before and after meals.
13.Visit a cemetery and pray for the departed souls, even if you do not know them.
14.Eucharistic Adoration: make reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for those in purgatory.
15.Make sacrifices for the dead: practice acts of self-denial.
16.Pray the office of the dead.
17.Ask the intercession of the saints.
18.Repent and go to Confession.
19.Spread devotion to the holy souls.
20.Through-out your day, offer up special prayers.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


My dear mother just died and my heart is broken. A little piece of me just died too. I took care of her 3 weeks prior to her death and had given her three kisses and a hug the last time I was with her. She died 7 hours later without me being there. No one was in the room with her. She died alone.
My mother would recite this sweet little poem to me when I was growing up and would even say it to me when I was grown. It goes like this, "Two pink eyed doves sitting in a tree. One for you (then she would kiss me on one of my eyelids), and one for me (she would then kiss me on the other eyelid)." It always made me feel loved and wanted.
One day I was looking out her bedroom window while she was sleeping and I saw two doves sitting in her Brazilian Floss Silk Tree. I went outside with my iphone and those birds just sat there while I took their picture -- posing for me. Here is the picture.