Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Finding Prince Charming in a Feminist era

The following is in answer to my daughter's email to me regarding "Feminism, is it heretical"?:
Imagine's the 1960's and all I dream about is growing up, getting married, having children, and being a homemaker. I really had no other ambition in life but knew I had to support myself because my parents were opting out of that chore.
After years of failed relationships - starting in 1966, none of the "men-boys" I met lived up to my expectations, I finally meet Prince Charming (aka AEM) only to find out that he has been indoctrinated with the feminist idealism -- "all women should work outside of the home and help financially support the family". It wasn't enough that I still had to take care of the home, cooking, laundry, children, and everything else that goes with it, but I must find work and pull my fair share of the load. If I chose not to do so, I was a very selfish person.
Imagine, too, living in the 1970's where everything you watch (on tv) and listen to on the radio, and your friends and peers all have the same idea. There was absolutely no support for my dream of the perfect family.
I tried to squeeze in things that I thought were conducive, and promoted my vision, but it was poor and pathetic.
Eventually, the deep division I felt in my soul became too wide of a gap and I fell through into deep depression. Thus, years of counseling and anti-depressants were consumed - but, alas, none of it helped really.
It was only when I realized that my Saviour, whom I had put in a little slot of my life and basically abandoned, forced His way into my heart through His blessed Mother and healed my broken heart.
I came to the realization that one cannot change other people - only yourself.
There -- that's a little synopsis of what I actually experienced as a young woman in the 1960's and 70's.

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