Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Cherry

This is my second attempt at painting with acrylics. I was so frustrated with the first painting because my brushes were awful -- bought new brushes and they work great! The process was really fun and I'm basically happy with the painting. I'll continue to hone my skills and work with acrylics as much as I can so I know what I'm doing instead of just making happy accidents.

Friday, May 9, 2014

The Apple

After a wonderful few days of vacation with our friends in their timeshare, I'm back home inspired to paint again. It's been years -- literally-- since I picked up my paint brushes. I was lost -- how do I begin? The first thing I did was go to Joanne's and buy a pack of canvases already primed, acrylics, cheap paintbrushes, and other supplies. $81.00 later, and I'm ready to start a painting. I can't remember how I found this guy -- Will Kemp -- but, I went to his website and started reading and watching his videos on painting. He is a truly talented young artist and his style resonates with me. The first project to paint: the apple. Here is my rendition following Will Kemp's instructions. I'm happy to start painting again and will post more work as I finish it.