Tuesday, September 8, 2015

How Much Do I Love God?

Mother Angelica related a story about when she was a novice and asked her confessor, "How do I know how much I love God?". The confessor answered, "That's easy--you love God as much as you love the least of your neighbors". Simple answer yet powerful. This answer blew me away. I rewrote the gist of the conversation a few times in a different way so that I could understand it better:
Whoever it is you love the least, is the height of your love for God or The neighbor you love the very least is the measure of the depth of your love for God. I never thought of loving God in this way and I am so glad that I heard her say this today. It really helps me to grow in my faith.
How about you? How much do you love the person that you like least of all?

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